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With Solana riding the wave of rising popularity, there is a pressing demand for the IDO platform that is based on the Solana BlockchainIDO platforms have been steadily gaining popularity over the last year. The main point of attraction that people find in IDO platforms is the ease of use. IDO platforms in essence are…

With Solana driving the tide of popularity, there’s a pressing demand for the IDO platform that is based on the Solana Blockchain

IDO platforms have been steadily gaining popularity over the last year. The principal point of attraction that people locate in IDO platforms is that the simplicity of use. IDO platforms in nature are the gateway for retail investors to get in the early stages of a project’s development. They mainly work by the reasonably established system of”Rounds”. Each round represents another sale stage with different requirements and principles for participation. By and large, rounds on IDO platforms seem like this arrangement: Community Round, Private Round, and Public Round. You will find, however, distinguishing and distinctive to platform components which may be added in order to be noticed. It can range from being a simple extra round that incentivizes people to buy platform-specific tokens or a completely new and innovative way of structuring IDO.

The majority of IDO platforms now available on the market are working in the realms of two blockchains: Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum Network. With Solana riding the tide of popularity, there’s a more pressing demand for your IDO platform that is based on the Solana blockchain. Prior to delving deeper into the platforms that are available, let us have a peek at what is so enticing about Solana through the lens of current market conditions.

Solana is one of the primary solutions currently on the market. There are a couple of reasons for this.

Solana is also scalable. Scalability is a feature that’s achieved through blood and sweat in crypto. To achieve a certain level of scalability that does not overstep the foundational grounds of decentralization, is a challenging task even for the behemoths of the industry like Ethereum. Therefore tackling scalability in the ideal way is in and of itself an ordeal. Luckily, Solana introduces a new, conceptually distinctive feature called PoH (Proof of History). PoH operates by measuring the passage of time involving hash executions. This way, it’s likely to not only curtail time to get a transaction to receive confirmed but also mitigates the overall encumbrance of the system, alleviating congestion of it, also will help to scale it almost forever.

Inherently decentralized, and trustless. Solana is built upon the bases of ETH and BTC ideals thus following in their measures to provide whole solitude and decentralized aspects into its own network.

Absconds an obsolete PoW consensus and embraces the irrefutable benefits of PoS. Solana’s PoS works similarly to the orthodox PoS blockchains. This type of governance is partly or fully reliant on the vote of the majority in this situation its validators. Solana has a very long list of validators which can vote for certain changes by assigning votes.

Now that we see the importance and value which Solana brings to the desk, it’s time to dig into IDO platforms which are presently flourishing on the community.

For its up-and-coming retail investors, the idea of IDO might endure a tinge of unreliability. Fortunately, with an established and more matured crypto market, IDO platforms rather represent a more dependable alternative for retail investors to get into the project sooner than it has ever before been possible. So what choice do we have coming into this precipice of crypto?

HAPI-owned Boca Chica platform is going to be among the chief launchpads for new Solana-based jobs. The idea behind Boca Chica is simple — cultivate the increase of up-and-coming Solana-based projects with a unique approach. This is accomplished in many steps. Firstly, projects on the Boca Chica platform is going to have a direct link to the largest investors in the industry. Second, the best projects from the current Solana Hackathon is going to likely be featured on the platform to give them as much exposure as you can.

There can be a swath of benefits for the retail investors willing to get on board early. Investors won’t need to wager or hold any platf

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